We are women. We are one.
Sometimes wild, sometimes classic, sometimes dainty but often bold, we are mothers, sisters, warriors. We are unique, we are empowered, we are united in spirit and connected through the lifeblood that is our pulse.

In ancient times, jewelry was used to make a statement of influence and power. Today, Pulso is an affirmation of wild elegance, deep respect and rooted love. So as you select items that speak to your spirit, know that 5% of profits go towards a different social cause every month.


PULSO | /ˈpulso/

(v.) I push, strike, beat, hammer; knock on; pulsate

Hi! My name is Jenny Lorber and I am the driving force behind Pulso Jewelry. I live and hand-craft each piece in the ancient and tranquil high deserts of Moab, Utah. From my studio window, you can see towering, red rock cliffs, fragrant grey-green desert sage brush and twisted, wind-blown juniper trees. When I need to stretch my legs after a long day at my work bench, I take a short stroll down to the creek where you can still find petroglyphs and pictographs from the Ute Tribe, fossilized dinosaur bone and petrified coral as well as fox, deer, beavers and coyotes. It is a magical place.  

I chose the name Pulso for my jewelry to emphasize the connection we all share. Each time my hammer strikes the metal, it sends through it a pulse that will continue to subtly vibrate long after the piece has left my hands and found yours. This pulse mimics the pulse beating within all of us, connecting us in a quiet harmony. We are all pulsing, full of spirit and life, on this earth. And the earth carries with it its own pulse which is passed on to you through its stones and metals.

My connection with jewelry runs deep. Most girls develop a love for jewels and gems at a young age, but it wasn’t until I began making jewelry that I discovered the magic lying dormant in each stone, the potential in each piece, the potential within myself. Jewelry making is very tactual, visually-stimulating and often methodical. It has a quiet, meditative spirit that heals. For me, jewelry is more than just an accessory. It is a statement, an opinion, a piece of wearable art. I am an advocate of being proud of all aspects of your jewelry, not just how it looks but also who made it, how they made it and why they made it. My style is an ode to the simplicity of a stone in its raw, natural form, the palette of colors in nature’s canvas, the rich textures on our bare feet as we walk across the earth and I am guided by the arts of the ancient world, the spirits of ancient women and the ancient knowledge that we are all one.

I view my work as an opportunity to spotlight images and stories that raise consciousness about human rights and environmental issues. It is our responsibility as producers, as consumers and as humans to take care of one another and our planet. Moving knowledge to action, 5% of Pulso Jewelry’s profit is given back to different social and global causes for change each month. Find @pulsojewelry on Instagram or Facebook to learn more about what cause your purchase benefits and to suggest a cause that is close to your heart. 


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